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Electronics is my hobby since ever, and I'm always trying to connect Programming with Electronics. From first LED connections to RC airplane.

I have started to code back in 2009 in my first programing language – QBasic. In 2010 I switched to C++ and in 2013 I have started to code Web.

My first experiences with Web programming were in high school with my colleague and my first project was "eDnevnik" (eng. eClass). It is a digital replacement for ordinary class books.

In Arduino, I found a combination of all these, so I started and never ended with Arduino and other microcontroller boards.

This is me



From Embedded system to Web programming. I'm using C, C++, Python and even MATLAB. For Web backend, I like PHP with Laravel framework and for frontend – whatever.


With electronics it is possible to do awesome things. Just adding LEDs to your project makes it looks great. Display, sensors, actuators take these projects to a higher level.


Supervising and controlling these from other places sounds very nice. That is achieved by connecting devices via a network. For this, I prefer ESP modules.


For storing data for all these, databases are a simple and convenient way to do it. For larger projects, I'm using MySQL and for small or embedded ones, I prefer SQLite.



Electric shocks

My work

My favourite projects



ZoT387 Airplane

App-controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Date: Jun 2019

Started as a hobby, the airplane became our Graduation project. After around three months of work, Bakir, Omar and I, finished our favorite project. It is a real-world example of applying the knowledge that we learned at our University.

As it is powered with battery, driven by brushless motors, controlled by ESP32, programmed (mostly) in C++, this project combined most of our courses thought at our University, which was our primary goal with this Airplane.


  • Length: 1.8 m
  • Wingspan: 1.6 m
  • Wi-Fi & GSM Connectivity
  • Controlled by a mobile app
  • Remote camera
  • Autopilot (in development)

Instagram link


Device for measuring displacement

Date: Apr 2019

Hackathon project where we were second place.

It is a device based on ESP2866 and 9-axis IMU which integrates acceleration to get velocity and again integrates velocity to get displacement. After filtering and some signal analysis, it can give fair results and send them through a socket to devices.


Reservation and renting web app for travel agency

Date: Feb 2019

Website made for a travel agency that manages accommodations and cars and rents them to customers. The app is coded in Laravel which I find very nice for backend programming.

Bosnabooking Website


Automatic Arduino watering system

Date: May 2018

Strawberries – the best "fruit" on the planet.

A project made to make watering strawberries easier. It senses soil humidity and opens the water valve if needed until they get water. It has a display for monitoring everything and some buttons for settings.

It is made primarily for strawberries but it can be used with all fruits or vegetables.

FM Radio

Transmitter with RDS

Date: Feb 2018

Radio has been always fascinating to me. After a few trials with small, one-transistor transmitters, I tried to make this one.

The feature of this project is that it has software-based RDS which can emit name of the station and other radio data.


Project for dormitory's canteen for ordering food

Date: Feb 2016

The idea for this project was born at the time of the Final exams at our University. The idea was to order food/drinks from your room or University and later come to the canteen when it has been finished so you have time for doing something else.

The application has an Admin panel feature for monitoring that everything is functioning well. Administrators of the dormitory loved the idea and immediately started to use it.

Canteen website


First project made up for every school

Date: Oct 2013

eDnevnik (eng. eClass) is a digital replacement for ordinary classroom books used in elementary and high schools. Besides Grade feature, it has absence records, message service, uploads/downloads, admin panel for monitoring whole application and many more.

eDnevnik is my first web project coded back in 2013 and it was supposed to be a social site for our class. It was coded in PHP for Backend with MySQL database and just jQuery for Frontend.

My school was first which has started to use our application and now it is used by one more school in our country.

eDnevnik website (Tešanj) eDnevnik website (Žepče)


C++ console game

Date: 2012-2015

Everything starts with C++. Here I put few a games in C++. Games are free so you can download, share and play.

For now, I choose only three of them. Hangman is a well-known game for guessing the word. You can choose randomly or type a word and let your friend guess it. Iks Oks (eng. Tic Tac Toe) is a match-three game where the goal is to match three of your symbols to be in one line (vertical, horizontal or diagonal). Minesweeper is a thinking game where you need to find mines clicking on neighboring fields.

Download zip and play

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